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tv   Headline News  RT  October 9, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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this is our britain's intelligence chief warns the country is facing its grave terror threat from al qaeda affiliates citing thousands of islamic extremists living in the u.k. . president obama says they'll be no negotiations with his opponents until the shutdown is over and the debt ceiling is raised with america's costly political impasse now it was ninth day. and the enemy of my enemy is my friend unlikely allies israel and saudi arabia reportedly take on syria and iran. very good afternoon for me kevin i when you're in moscow this is our top story than
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thousands of islamic extremists living in the u.k. could attack well that's the warning from the country's security chief sharing his fears in his first speech since taking over my five andrew parker also admitted that you can tell and services were not perfect but his test facility. specifically named al qaeda and its affiliated groups in pakistan and yemen as being the most direct and immediate threat to the u.k. and he had referred to the groups that had successfully been able to smuggle some explosives onto planes in the last four years and also raising it be a conflict that syria he echoed the same concerns of several other european governments have been expressing with regard to individuals who had gone over to syria to fight and that have been coming back to the country that he raised the point that there are some sunni extremist groups in this syria who are aspiring to attack western countries now having given these warnings he also defended the need
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for intelligence services to be employing the kind of vast surveillance that they've already had of course this is one this side of the story the other side being the recent public backlash we've seen on the activities of the intelligence services let's get more insight on this whole story the new warnings from brad from the stop the war coalition thanks very much for joining us what do you make of the statements of the m i five achieved i mean why issue the warnings now if we look at the terrorism act for example that's already in place this is never really last priority with this government there are certain things that he said that have some logic and there are certain things that he said there on the face of it have no logic clearly there are people from this country to go to syria and. there's some possibility that they may cause some problem coming back here because they will have to come back that has a certain logic those people keep fighting in syria coming back what about the british extremists who maybe have been involved in attacks elsewhere they have to
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bolster this idea of the war on terror as a coherent thing where the threat is coming from about their authorities nothing to do with what the british government does it comes from out there and that remains they have to present the thing that way we are justified in what we do because of the threat that already exists rather than that we are creating the threats. president obama is refusing to have budget talks with the republicans until congress ends the government shutdown and raises the debt ceiling that's just over a week the before the u.s. runs out of cash and its ability to borrow more money putting the nation in front of a very real risk of default report myers got the latest from you yo. i nine day government shutdown with a credit default looming in the wings washington's failure to so far agree on a budget or how to pay its bills has given an entirely new meaning to american exceptionalism hundreds of thousands of americans are losing paychecks and social benefits because u.s. officials elected to lead this country are engaged in
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a bitter fiscal deadlock on tuesday president barack obama said he would be willing to negotiate on budget issues only after republicans agreed to reopen the federal government and raise the debt limit without preconditions republicans meanwhile are insisting on deficit reduction talks as a condition for raising the federal debt by october seventeenth members of the party have demanded also that obama's health care be delayed or defunded in return for approving funds to end the government shutdown now president obama warned the public that an economic shutdown the first in history would be dramatically worse than the current reckless government shutdown and while washington's temper tantrum remains on full display economist max wolf says the world is watching with all and growing less impressed with the economic and political experiment otherwise known as the united states i do think we will see the debt ceiling get resolved however with each day where the dysfunction is more obvious more out of control and larger
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it becomes harder to have faith tomorrow it becomes harder for the markets it becomes harder for americans it becomes harder for the population of the world to have faith in brand america government america and people begin to unfortunate and unpleasant and unflattering questions about america's future now china which owns a reported one point three trillion dollars of the u.s. government debt recently reminded washington that the clock is ticking and urged the u.s. lawmakers not to repeat the mistake of two thousand and eleven that's when the debate over raising the u.s. debt ceiling led to america's credit rating being downgraded and japan's finance minister also recently. a failure by the u.s. to quickly resolve its political deadlock over government finances could damage the global economy in the meantime the u.s. government shutdown has reportedly delayed trade talks between washington and brussels it has also forced president obama to skip asia pacific economic cooperation meeting this week ceding valuable ground to china reporting from new
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york r.t. and washington's inability to solve its political mess is engulfing nations around the globe with many countries risking their economies being compromised by close ties to the u.s. meanwhile both democrats and republicans refuse to capitulate costing americans hundreds of millions of dollars every day let's take a look at how the political impasse is worked in other places where lawmakers couldn't agree on a budget surely strayer the one. nine hundred seventy five after all the projects the fund used it didn't fire everyone but you elections since there are no such problems of occurred and when congress failed the possibility to brazil about seven years ago it was no big deal at all with just some limits to salaries and current expenses in israel the way they do it if they don't get a budget brother december thirty first deadline they then automatically revert to the budget from the previous year but the united states democracy has no such mechanism to solve now the american political commentator no chomsky explains how
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we all evolved. it's exceptional in the history of parliamentary democracy and it's interesting to see what's happened. there have been significant economic changes in the past generation where the economy struck no time to go into it but one of the effects of the strangers specifically the new liberal programs and they're having the same kind of effect they have everywhere they. direct wealth to very narrow sectors the increasing inequality it has an immediate effect on politics and democracy is higher because it's more concentrated political power at those as well so right now elections are almost boy it's so plutocracy some of them are. both
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to the right he was a small one party state the business party. what always rumbles on under thousands of people who of course thought i'm paid leave because the government shut down but officials have made an exception for some federal workers you learn more about that mary martin is breaking the set on a bit later this hour. eight hundred thousand federal employees have been lingering without a national parks monuments in the sort graveyards all closed what do you can pull drum circles orders and kindergarteners plainly both looking but there is one group of federal employees deemed as so moved by it all to this country that they have been ordered back to work now you probably think i'm talking about putting safety inspectors considering how ninety one percent of imported seafood isn't being checked and the fact that three miners have already died since the shutdown because of lack of oversight on the job but no i'm talking about the industry that this government favors the most defense secretary of defense chuck hagel recently
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ordered most of its three hundred fifty thousand civilian defense contractors back to work citing that they are so critical to protecting national security they have got to keep the military industrial complex move and keep them happy after all war is what's funny in this economy am i right. always good watch it we're keeping a close developments on capitol hill our web site as well had to all to dot com for a expert analysis and plenty of updates to. do with the conflicts in syria rocking the stability of the entire middle east old region alliances being broken in new ones are probably being forged no in their place too unlikely friends than israel and saudi arabia don't even have diplomatic
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relations but have now apparently managed to find common ground fall asleep reports from the country's united front against the syrian government and its closest iran . there's an unexpected union forming right now in the region between israel and saudi arabia unexpected because on the one hand while the two shape common rivals in egypt and syria saudi arabia particularly recently has been pouring millions of dollars of aid into palestinian projects both in gaza and in the west bank the potential impact of such an unlikely union cannot be overestimated israel brings to the party excellent propaganda skills saudi arabia on the other hand is able to tap into vast reservoir of petro dollars israel to has unparalleled influence over american foreign policy and the results of these two countries working together is shaping international responses no doubt about it rumors reports about.
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corporation secret meetings started following the second lebanon war two thousand and six. when it became clear that iran is to become a major player here in our immediate region but also. in the gulf but this cooperation between israel and saudi arabia is problematic because saudi arabia gives so much support to the palestinians just recently it gave some ten million dollars to enrich the united nations relief and works agency for palestinian refugees this is in addition to an extra two hundred million dollars that was donated to palestinian infrastructure projects one such project is in russia in gaza where homes are being rebuilt for palestinians whose lives were destroyed during the last israeli war the result is that on the one hand you can see them.
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cooperate freezes and when it comes to iran on the other hand they had close contacts with hamas on the one hand the initiate there are a peace initiative. give. the world the support in directly al qaida or. this is the ambiguity you can find in the. saudi policy many are asking the question whether israel isn't shooting itself in the foot by forming an alliance with a country that supports its enemies policy r.t. east jerusalem or despite the differences israel and saudi arabia share views on key regional issues both countries want regime change in syria with saudi arabia strongly backing the rebels both nations also see iran as their main geo political rival they want to neutralize the islamic state and the israelis and the saudis are united too in their backing of the military government in egypt which has taken a strong stance against islamist meantime the united states could no find it more
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difficult than to exert its influence on the region according to investigative journalist robert perry. we've had this building up of mutual interest between these two very significant powers in the middle east so it raises the question of whether this very significant although unlikely really unusual odd couple relationship between saudi arabia and israel might present might create a new superpower in the in the middle east if saudi arabia and israel could figure out a way to work together you would have you could have israel providing it's very tremendous sophisticated political operations involving both the israel lobby back in the united states it's supposed to get a propaganda technique with what the saudis have which is bast amounts of money united states would might find this problematic in that while while both saudi
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arabia and israel are american allies if the two of them or were to collaborate more formally on some of these issues like syria for instance or around or egypt that could put the united states in a position of not being able to work its will with quite the freedom that it's had in the past still to come on out see watch out for the eagle eye it may look like have the right but it's actually a highly spite of ice that can fly under meters above the target without detection it's make you say they go bird watching them just a few minutes from now. well . it's technology innovations all the developments around russia. right. wealthy british style.
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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy because the reports on our t.v. . dramas the. stories others refuse to. fix is changing. the picture. from around the. globe. to. come out again moscow's demanding explanations and an apology from the netherlands
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off a group of policemen allegedly beat a russian diplomat in the hague the dutch foreign ministry says its government would only apologize if a police probe finds that the officials of unity was indeed violated to meet a bird then reportedly opened the door to a group of security officers who said his wife was in a car accident then broke into the official's house and apparently attacked him with a weapon in front of his children before briefly detaining and russia's embassy in the netherlands also says the dutch police officers accused of mistreating his children his part president putin described yourself as a blatant violation of vienna convention russian affairs mccauley told me the police knew they were attacking a diplomat. thing then is to ask dutch diplomat to leave. and if that happens then the dutch will expelled a russian diplomat from the netherlands tit for tat that's the normal thing in diplomatic and development behavior. and they obviously are very annoyed by this
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because it's an extraordinary case it involves a russian diplomat in his own flat. and the fact was untouched remotely territory of the russian federation because it wasn't in the embassy so technically he was sort of to the dutch police for the right to break into his flat arrest him and then take him to the taken down and. despite the fact that he declared apparently english that he was a russian diplomat he had diplomatic immunity. meantime new details are emerging in the investigation of the arctic sunrise that the trussell involved in last month's greenpeace protest what he said francisco because about the after the well what have investigators found. well we've just learned kevin that the investigative committee has said that drugs were found aboard the arctic sunrise to be specific poppy straws and morphine this is obviously still being very much
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investigated by by these these officials the arctic sunrise was the vessel that transported the thirty activists to within access distance to the oil platform that they then attempted to climb on to back in september greenpeace has responded by saying that. any sort of drug paraphernalia or drugs is absolutely banned on any of their vessels so it'll be interesting to see how this this finally she needs to unravel of course the drama kicked off like i said in september when the arctic sunrise took to be petra seen with thirty activists from various countries who attempted to scale the oil platform run by gas prom they were then overtaken by security those thirty people are still in custody many of those demands for bail have been denied many of their lawyers are still working on the case of course and investigators would like to charge them with
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piracy of course greenpeace refutes this and the executive director of greenpeace international has written a letter stating that he would like to come to russia to meet with putin and the personal guarantor of the characters for these thirty activists so they are not in pretrial detention so the drama continues in this case is being investigated. where where these alleged drugs came from and what's going to happen next is very much open to debate but of course we'll be. keeping a very close eye on it so that we will live to france thank you. the birds movie watching you would know it's not here spanish manufacturers come up with a new surveillance drone disguised as a bird which even mimics its flight path surf earth reports next on how several countries military's a lighting up for this thread that if force. is it a bird is it a plane well actually if you guessed days you'd be almost right this is one of the
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newest trains on the market is this banished company maxim's defense unit x l this behind the creation of this unmanned aerial vehicle o u a v but this is a drone with a difference is being designed to look like a native birds now it's already in operation as a bird strike avoidance system but let's say that they want to expand its uses as a surveillance drone could also eight firefighters all be used in drug trafficking operations to to rome known as shepherd milk was showcased at this year's international in london the average price is one hundred thousand euros and giving a whole new meaning to bird's eye view the company claim it's so well camouflaged that compared to standard these the fly about thousand meters and texted this train
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can fly just one hundred meters above the enemy without being seen in fact in the sky that's a big advantage this is thing has. one of the front of you there at the bottom for transmitting in real time information to the ground station to decide what to do or information to. go. simply to. purposes the drones being pestered by the spanish military but expo say that they're already in talks to sell it to several other countries armed forces the drone is currently not available for civilian purchase expelled told r.t. that. his boots the bird but by the end of the year they hope to sign two important contra. well they they won't disclose with whom and she joined campaign is a concerned this is yet another development kit make it harder to know when and how
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authorities keeping their eyes on you. r.t. . online today from a shot dead on a crowded commuter train but no witness says a passenger in a california pulls out his toys or the then shoots a student in the head and swiftly this some bugs but apparently no one saw it because they're engrossed with their phones and tablets is a disturbing story but what details online. and is a video warning for the would be robbers even with a gun pointed at his face is a roic shopkeeper who is determined to make his point clear seeing off this armed robbery goes summarize style. check out this incredible video on you tube channel very brave guy there. to some other international headlines on a roadside bombs killed eight people in iraq the explosion hit
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a truck carrying workers south of baghdad the bloodshed in the country rocked by terrorist attacks there's no reached a level not seen since two thousand and eight more than two hundred iraqis have died from blasts and shootings this month alone. but his star supreme court granted bail to the embattled former military ruler general pervez musharraf even under house arrest for the last six months that follows an appeal in the murder case of baluchistan national leader can book teen who was killed in an explosion in two thousand and six during a military camp ordered by a sheriff who was president an army chief at the turn. six workers at the fukushima nuclear plant in japan have been exposed to radiation after one of the mistakenly removed a pipe connected to a water treatment system several tons of contaminated water spilled as a result of that but was contained within the treatment facility they say it's the latest though in a string of errors at the crippled plant which suffered triple after the earthquake and tsunami two years ago she was operated tepco has been lambasted for failing to
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control radioactive water leak. feminist activist to scale spain's parliament in protest against plans to restrict the access to abortions free topless women from the group femen climbed the lower houses gallery and screamed slogans of politicians and debating changes to the law terminations currently allows abortions without restrictions until the fourteenth week the conservative government wants them limited to the health of the mother or the fetus is in danger instead. in an increasingly crowded united kingdom it's rush hour for the country cemeteries graveyards are rapidly running out of space there are other predicted indeed to be full within the next few decades so the authorities have come up with a controversial idea to simply reuse the lower smith reports next on how even that may not solve the problem. as the saying goes nothing is said but death and
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taxes and while a u.k. government is very good at collecting tax it's not so good at providing for its citizens inevitable demaio because on this small island with soft running out of space to bury the dead according to a recent study of recounts almost hall said burial space in that areas would run out in the next twenty years and a quarter said they only had ten years left and it's no surprise them confined to london cemeteries like this one and several rural councils already say they're full meaning people will have to go elsewhere for their final resting place and all that despite the fact that already seventy four percent of people all cremated symmetries in the sustainable when the food local authority has some difficult decisions to mike does it build another symmetry. capital cost and then of course it's gone now the symmetry to mind increased my costs so there's
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a pressure to increase fees and also be a solution would be to open more cemeteries but the limited amount of space means that's just a holding tactic you could force people to be cremated also not workable which only leaves a very emotive option reusing graves by digging up any remains and then taking deeper to make space for more burials and the disturbance of human remains without lawful soroti at the moment is an offense and the ministry of justice won't give a loss and it's to create a new burial spice although they'll give a lawson's to clear a church yard perhaps build a supermarket or a car park which seems a little bit old. at the moment reusing grace is only allowed in london cemeteries and although it's an issue that affects literally everyone. it's not exactly a vote when i say typically governments just avoids talking about states but
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experts say those in power must come up with a workable proud on burials rather than just burying their own heads in the sand. laura smith. says probably sadly most of next moves together among america's squabbling lead is you don't argue with her she's on a after the break. the . economic downturn in the final months day the deal sank night and the rest because i don't eat cake will be everything on.
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the. wall going to break in the set i'm not a morning old guys it's been eight long days since the government shut down and close its doors because of this and then eight hundred thousand federal employees have been lingering without a national parks monuments in the storm graveyards all closed what is cancels drum circles ordered and kindergarteners plainly both looking but there is one group of federal employees do. vital to this country that they have been ordered back to work now you probably think i'm talking about food and safety inspectors
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considering how ninety one percent of imported seafood isn't being checked and the fact that three miners have already died since the shutdown because of lack of oversight on the job but no i'm talking about the industry that this government favors the most defense secretary of defense chuck hagel recently ordered most of its three hundred fifty thousand civilian defense contractors back to work citing that they are so critical to protecting national security you have got to keep the military industrial complex move in keep them happy after all war is what's funny in this economy am i right look i'm not knocking the fact that people are getting their jobs back that's a good thing what's ridiculous is why defense is more of a priority then a safety and education what's absurd is need oil barons to keep head start afloat you heard that right an ex enron executives.


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